July3 , 2022

    “2 Cough Syrups, On The Rocks”: Ravi Shastri Slays The Party Avatar In Viral Ad | Cricket News


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    After they turned Rahul Dravid into “Indiranagar ka gunda” and then showed us glimpses of the “Venkaboys”, credit card bill payment app Cred’s latest ad has showcased Ravi Shastri in brand new avatar – a party animal. The hilarious video starts with the former Team India head coach starting off with Shah Rukh Khan’s famous “70 minutes” speech from ‘Chak de! India” to a team of players, but with a twist. “70 minutes. You have just 70 minutes and then, Happy Hours are over,” he exclaims before giving a war cry of “Let’s party!”

    “Don’t remember any of this,” Shastri tweeted along with the video.

    The video goes through some more epic scenes that will leave your stomach hurting with laughter as the former all-rounder was seen trolling journalists and flirting away at a party.

    The most epic moment was perhaps when he steps into a pharmacy, flamboyantly dressed, and keeps a glass down before demanding “2 cough syrups, on the rocks.”

    Shastri sent Twitter into a tizzy on Friday with a series of hilarious posts.

    “‘Good mornings’ are optional if you haven’t slept at all,” he tweeted with a picture that oozed swag.

    “My family lives in Mumbai and I live in the moment,” he wrote with another pic.


    The best was saved for the last, perhaps, when he shared a picture with a lady and wrote “You’re in her DMs. She’s on my VIP guestlist.”

    “Mujhe kya mein toh chill hun,” he wrote in another tweet.

    Shastri was the head coach of the Indian men’s cricket team until the T20 World Cup last year and then returned to the commentary box for this year’s Indian Premier League.

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